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naughty sheli

BIG NEWS!!!! my aunt silvie who lives in italy sent me my present today. 2 tix BACK to the loverly italia. i figure im gonna take brody since he's never been there. show him the nightlife and keep him there for good. hehehe.

and now for the "naughty sheli" part of this entry:
today, brody and i went and got tea at this little cafe by his house. after that, we had plans to go see the show that lynn's in. well, brody and lynn aren't the best of friends so, at the cafe, i slipped a viagra into his tea. halfway thru the intro, he just looked at me, completely panic-stricken. i guess he didn't want to think of himself as being "turned on" by lynn. lol. he was in the bathroom the entire nite, so he casually *ahem* "MISSED" the show. im sure he was having fun doing what he was doing. .............. EW EW EW!!!!! bad bad naughty evil thoughts like AAAH!!!!

ok im done now = sheli
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