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yes, i did get dinner tonite. wait, what time is it now. is it still the nineteenth? why does frigging livejournal have to be in army time?! well, in other news, brody came over around 8. i watched him play video games that were actually somewhat amusing. something about zombies and rabid killer monkeys. i think i might have actually jumped in a frightened manner when this zombie dude just came out of nowhere. was quite bloody, i'll have u know. and it was really funny cuz brody kept yelling at the game and cursing at the monkeys. he almost broke my coffee table, too, but that's another story for another day. ok so then, at 10:30, i made him take me out for dinner. we just went to this little restaurant around the corner and i unfortunately "forgot" my money. hahaha. im such a rebel. random side-note: guys making out on your television is HOT!!! well, not ON my television but on the screen. trust me, sex on television is very dangerous. you could fall off!! (yay for monty python) = sheli
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